Linea (L2) Airdrop Farming

Linea aims to support the development of the next generation of dApps on Ethereum while providing devs with low fees and a scalable blockchain.

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Aman Shaikh

written on,

Fri Sep 22 2023


Linea, a blockchain developed by the creators of MetaMask, has been making waves in the crypto world with an astounding $725 million fundraising effort. This article will provide you with essential insights into how you can qualify for the $LINEA Airdrop.

Exploring Linea's Ecosystem

The Linea Mainnet Alpha was launched just a month ago, and already, the Linea Network boasts a thriving ecosystem of decentralized applications (dApps). You can find an extensive list of these live dApps on Linea here.

To maximize your chances of securing a $LINEA airdrop, we've carefully selected some of the most promising dApps within the Linea ecosystem that you should consider interacting with. Some of these dApps might even airdrop their tokens to users.

DApp Highlights


  • Official Bridge (link): To increase your chances of receiving a $LINEA airdrop, make sure to use the official Linea bridge at least once.
  • Orbiter Finance (Twitter): This popular multichain bridge is known for its affordable options for transferring ETH to Linea. Keep an eye out, as it may airdrop its tokens to users in the future.
  • XY Finance (Twitter): A Cross-Chain Aggregator that supports 18 major EVM networks. Not only is it convenient, but it also offers lower bridge fees compared to Orbiter.

DeFi Protocols

  • OpenOcean (Twitter): A DEX Aggregator that enables swaps across 30+ chains, making it the go-to DEX for substantial swaps.
  • SyncSwap (Twitter): Initially launched on zkSync Era, this DEX is now live on Linea Mainnet and is ideal for swaps below 1 ETH.
  • Echo DEX (Twitter): The first DEX on Linea Mainnet Alpha, offering token swaps and the opportunity to provide liquidity and earn $xECP.
  • LineaBank: A lending protocol that allows asset supply, borrowing, and rewards in $LAB tokens.
  • Symbiosis Finance (Twitter): A DEX that pools liquidity from various blockchains, including non-EVM networks.

NFT Platforms

  • Official Domain Service (link): Register your domain on Linea or purchase pre-registered domains from marketplaces.
  • Element Market (Twitter): A Multichain NFT Marketplace with the confirmed $ELE token. Using this marketplace on Linea can qualify you for both $LINEA and $ELE airdrops.
  • ZonicApp (Twitter): An NFT Marketplace designed for Layer 2 networks.
  • Omnisea (Twitter): An Omnichain NFT Platform utilizing LayerZero technology. By participating, you can farm airdrops from LayerZero and potentially qualify for airdrops from Omnisea and Linea.

Author's Insights

  1. Performance: Linea's Mainnet Alpha may currently experience performance issues, including slow transaction processing and occasional failures. Be prepared for delays and glitches when using the network.
  2. Stability: Linea's network stability is a work in progress, with occasional hiccups that might lead to transaction failures. Exercise caution and patience when operating on the platform.
  3. Liquidity: Linea's Total Value Locked (TVL) is relatively low, which may result in price slippage when swapping larger amounts. Ensure you have enough liquidity on DEXes for seamless trading.


While Linea's Mainnet Alpha shows promise with a growing ecosystem, it is still in its early stages. Expect occasional hiccups in performance and network stability. As Linea evolves, we hope for improved stability and efficiency, making airdrop farming a more rewarding experience.

Wishing you a bountiful harvest in your Airdrop Farming endeavors on Linea! πŸŒΎπŸš€